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cerita bahasa inggris : Cerita Nusantara Lengkap

                                                                   Folklore: "Cucumber Gold"     
           In a village there lived an old widow named mbok Sarni. Every day he spends his time alone, because mbok Sarni did not have a child. Actually he wanted to have children, so that could help him work.
           One afternoon mbok Sarni go into the forest to gather wood, and half way through mbok Sarni met with a very big giant. "Hey, where do you want?", Said the Giant. "I just want to collect firewood, so please allow me through", replied mbok Sarni. "Hahahaha .... You may pass after you gave me a human child to eat ", said the Giant. Then mbok Sarni said, "But I do not have children".
             After mbok Sarni said that she had no children and wanted to have children, then give him the Giant cucumber seeds. The giant said, "O old woman, I give you seed the cucumber. Plant these seeds in your backyard, and after two weeks you will get a child. But remember, the child handed it to me after the age of six years ".
              After two weeks, it seems fruitful cucumber is very dense and there is one large cucumber. Mbok Sarni then pick it up, and after the split it turns out it was a very beautiful baby. The infant was then given the name of golden cucumbers.
              Increasingly golden cucumbers growing big, and mbok Sarni very excited once because his house is not quiet anymore. All work can be completed quickly because the assistance golden cucumbers.
             Finally, one day the Giant came to collect on the promise. Mbok Sarni very frightened, and did not want to lose the golden cucumbers. Then mbok Sarni said, "O giant, came here two years. The more mature the child is, the more delicious for the meal ". The demon agreed and left the house mbok Sarni.
             Period of two years is not a long time, so every day looking for reasonable mbok Sarni how so children are not brought the Giant. Heart mbok Sarni very worried, and finally one night dreaming mbok Sarni. In his dream, he was told to meet golden cucumbers hermit on Mt.
            In the morning mbok Sarni golden cucumbers ordered to immediately see hermit. After meeting with the sage, golden cucumber then talked about the purpose of his arrival. The sage then gave him four small packets whose contents cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. "Throw one at this package, if you're being chased by a giant", ascetic orders. Then cucumber Meas went home, and instantly save a bundle from the hermit.
           The next morning the giant came back to collect on the promise. "O old woman, where was he? I can not stand to eat it ", cried the Giant. Then mbok Sarni said, "Do not you take a giant O my son, because I really love him. I'd better just what you eat ". Giants do not want to accept an offer from mbok Sarni, and finally outraged. "Where's that? Where golden cucumbers? ", Shouted the giant.
           Because not bear to see mbok Sarni crying, then cucumbers gold out of hiding places. "Here I am a giant, catch me if you can !!!", shouted golden cucumbers.
          Raksasapun after him, and cucumbers started throwing bags of gold that contains cucumber. Miraculously, the forest becomes dense fields of cucumber fruit. Raksasapun be hampered, because the stems of cucumber wrapped around her body continues. But at last the giant got off too, and began mngejar golden cucumbers again. Then the golden cucumbers sprinkled second bag containing needles, in a flash tumbuhlan bamboo trees are very high and sharp. With bloody feet sticking bamboo because it's a giant continues to pursue.
        Then the golden cucumbers open third parcel that contains salt. Immediately hutanpun into the ocean. But the sea would be easily passed the giant. The latter eventually sow the Golden Cucumber paste, immediately formed a boiling sea of mud, and the giant splash in it. Raksasapun eventually die.
         Gold cucumber thank God Almighty, because it was saved from a cruel giant. Finally Cucumber Gold and Mbok Sarni live happily and peacefully.

          In antiquity, in West Java there lived a princess named Dayang Sumbi. He has a son named Sangkuriang. The child was very fond of hunting in the woods. Each hunt, he was always accompanied by her beloved dog named Tumang. Tumang is actually the incarnation of the god, and also Sangkuriang natural father, but Sangkuriang not know about it and his mother was deliberately concealing it.
           One day, as usual Sangkuriang go into the woods to hunt. After arriving in the forest, Sangkuriang start looking for prey. He saw a bird that was perched on a branch, then without thinking Sangkuriang shot, and right on target. Sangkuriang then ruled earlier Tumang to chase prey, but the Tumang silent and refused to follow orders Sangkuriang. Since it is very annoyed at Tumang, then Tumang Sangkuriang then expel and not allowed to go home with him again.
            At home, Sangkuriang told the incident to her mother. Upon hearing the story of his son, Dayang Sumbi very angry. He took a spoon of rice, and slapped the head Sangkuriang. Because her mother was disappointed with the treatment, then Sangkuriang decided to go wandering, and left home.
             After the incident, Dayang Sumbi deeply regretted his actions. He prayed every day, and ask that one day can meet with her son back. Because of the seriousness of Dayang Sumbi prayer, then God gave him a gift of lasting beauty and young forever.
           After many years Sangkuriang wandering, he eventually intends to return to his hometown. Arriving there, he was very surprised at all, because his hometown has changed completely. Sangkuriang pleasure is increased when the current in the middle of the road met a very beautiful woman, who is none other than Dayang Sumbi. Absolutely stunned by her beauty, then the direct Sangkuriang proposed. Finally application is received by Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang, and agreed to be married in the near future.
         One day, his future wife Sangkuriang ask permission to hunt on hatan. Before leaving, he asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten and straighten tie kapalanya. Dayang Sumbi was surprised, because when she was tidying Sangkuriang headband, he saw a scar. The scars are similar to scar the child. Once asked about the cause of the wound Sangkuriang, Dayang Sumbi increase was pleasantly surprised, because it is true that her husband is her own son.
            Dayang Sumbi very distraught, because he may not marry his own son. After Sangkuriang home hunting, trying to speak to Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang, so Sangkuriang cancel their wedding plans. Dayang Sumbi request is not approved Sangkuriang, and only considered wind alone.
           Dayang Sumbi every day thinking about how to order their wedding never happened. After thinking hard, Dayang Sumbi finally found the best way. He proposed two conditions to Sangkuriang. If Sangkuriang can meet both these requirements, then it would be his wife Dayang Sumbi, but otherwise if it fails then the wedding will be canceled. The first requirement Dayang Sumbi wish that Citarum river dammed. And the second is, ask Sangkuriang to create a very large canoe to cross the river. Both conditions must be settled before dawn.
            Sangkuriang undertakes both Dayang Sumbi request, and promised to finish it before dawn. With the magic he has, then Sangkuriang exert his friends from the jinn to help complete the task. Secretly, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang peek of the work. How shocked he was, because Sangkuriang almost all of the terms given menyelesaiklan Dayang Sumbi before dawn.
         Dayang Sumbi then ask for help from the public about to roll out a red silk cloth to the east of the city. When looking at the color red in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought that it was late morning. Sangkuriang immediately stopped work and was not able to meet the requirements that have been filed by Dayang Sumbi.
           With a sense of annoyance and disappointment, Sangkuriang then break down the dam that has been made for herself. Because jebolnya dam, then there was flooding and the whole town under water. Sangkuriang also kicked big boat that has been made. The canoe was floated and fell face down, then become a mountain named Tangkuban Boat.
                                                                             Roro Jonggrang

           Once in the days of yore, stands a very large empire named Prambanan. People Prambanan very peaceful and prosperous under the leadership of king named King Baka. Small kingdoms in the region around Prambanan also very submissive and respect the leadership of King Baka.
           Meanwhile, in another place, there is one kingdom that is not less great as the kingdom of Prambanan, which is the kingdom Pengging. The kingdom was known to be very arrogant and always wanted to expand its power. Pengging kingdom has a powerful knight named Bondowoso. He has a powerful weapon called Bandung, so Bondowoso known as Bondowoso. Besides having a powerful weapon, Bondowoso also has an army of Jin. The army used to help Bondowoso to attack other kingdoms and possessions.
         Until one point, King Pengging Bondowoso call arrogant. King Pengging Bondowoso was then ordered to attack the kingdom of Prambanan. The next day Bondowoso Jin called his hosts in the form of assembly, and immediately left for the Kingdom of Prambanan.
         Arriving at Prambanan, they immediately burst into the palace of Prambanan. King Baka and his troops scrambling, because they are less preparation. Bondowoso finally managed to occupy the kingdom of Prambanan, and King Baka killed by a weapon hit Bondowoso.
       Bondowoso victory and his troops welcomed by King Pengging. Then King Pengging Bondowoso was mandated to occupy the Palace of Prambanan and take care of everything in it, including the family of King Baka.
       At Bondowoso Prambanan live in the Royal Palace, he saw a very beautiful woman. The woman is Roro Jonggrang, daughter of King Baka. When viewing Roro Jonggrang, Bondowoso heart began to fall. Without thinking anymore, Bondowoso directly call and apply Jonggrang Roro.
"O Roro Jonggrang, will be Permaisuriku if thee?", Tanya Bondowoso on Roro Jonggrang.
Hearing the question of Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang was silent and seemed confused. Actually, he really hates Bondowoso, having killed her father whom she loved. But on the other hand, Roro Jonggrang afraid Bondowoso refused application. Finally, after thinking for a moment, Roro Jonggrang also find a way to Bondowoso not consummate the marriage.
"Okay, I accept your proposal. But after you meet one condition from me ", said Roro Jonggrang.
"Is it Roro syaratmu Jonggrang?", Tanya Bandawasa Bandung.
"Make me a thousand temples and two wells in one night", Answer Jonggrang Roro.
Hearing requirements are proposed Roro Jonggrang, Bondowoso was immediately approved it. He feels that it is a condition that is very easy for him, because the army has Bondowoso Jin very much.
In the evening, Bandung Bandawasa began collecting his hosts. In an instant, in the form of Jin army was coming. Upon hearing the command of Bondowoso, the army was immediately built the temples and wells very quickly.
Roro Jonggrang who witnessed the construction of the temple began to get nervous and scared, because in two-thirds of the night, only three temples and a well are not they solve.
Roro Jonggrang then think harder, look for ways to Bondowoso can not meet its requirements.
After thinking hard, Roro Jonggrang finally found a way out. He will make the atmosphere be like the morning, so the genie is discontinued the temple.
Roro Jonggrang immediately summoned all the lady's maid in the palace. Lady's maid was given the task of Roro Jonggrang to burn the straw, sounded a mortar, and laying flowers that smell fragrant scent.
Hearing orders from Roro Jonggrang, ladies in waiting soon burn straw. Soon the sky was rosy pink, and mortar began to sound. The smell of fragrant flowers that spread began to smell, and the cock began to crow.
           Seeing red sky, the sound of mortar, and the smell of fragrant flowers, it Bondowoso troops began to leave his job. They thought it had started in the morning, and they had to go.
          Seeing his hosts go, Bondowoso shouted: "Hi balatentaraku, it was not morning. Return to complete construction of this temple! "
         The genie is still going, and ignoring the cries of Bondowoso. Bondowoso also felt very upset, and eventually completed the construction of the temple was left. But it was a bad day, have not finished building the temple, morning has come. Bondowoso also failed to qualify from Roro Jonggrang.
        Knowing failure Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang then went Bondowoso. "You failed to qualify from me, Bondowoso," said Roro Jonggrang.
         Hearing these words Jonggrang Roro, Bondowoso very angry. With a very loud tone, Bondowoso said: "You cheated Jonggrang Roro. Actually, that thou art a thousand thwart the development of this temple. Therefore, I curse you to be a statue in the temple the thousandth! "
        Thanks to the magic Bondowoso, Roro Jonggrang turned into a statue / sculpture. Being statues are up to now can be seen in the temple complex of Prambanan, and the name of the temple is known as Roro Jonggrang temple. While the temples in the vicinity called the Temple or Temple of the Thousand Sewu.

                                                                             SNAIL MAS

In the kingdom of Daha, lived two very beautiful daughters. Nan beautiful daughter named Candra Kirana and Goddess Galuh. The second daughter of the King was very happy life and self-sufficiency.

Until one day there came a very handsome prince from the kingdom Kahuripan into the kingdom of Daha. The prince, Raden Inu Kertapati. The purpose of his arrival to the kingdom of Daha is to apply for Candra Kirana. The arrival of Raden Inu Kertapati very welcomed by the King Kertamarta, and finally Candra Kirana betrothed to Raden Inu Kertapati.

The engagement turned out to make the Goddess Galuh feel jealous. Because she has felt that Raden Inu Kertapati more suitable for him. Therefore Galuh Goddess Grandma's house and went to Magic. He requested that the witch's spell Candra Kirana into something disgusting and kept away from Raden Inu. Grandma Magic Goddess Galuh also approved the request, and Candra Kirana conjured a Golden Conch, then throw it into the river.

One day a grandmother is looking for fish with nets, and golden snails are transported in nets. Golden snails were then brought home and placed in jars. The next day the old woman fishing in the river again, but do not get fish seekorpun. The grandmother then decided to go home, when he got home he was very shocked, because the table already available cuisine is very delicious. The old woman wondered to himself, who memgirim this cuisine.

Similarly, the days that followed the old woman underwent a similar incident, the next morning my grandmother would like a peek at what happened when he went fishing. Grandma then pretended to go to the river to catch fish as usual, then went to the back of the house for a glimpse. After a while, the grandmother was very surprised. Because of the existing gold snail ditempayan transformed into a beautiful girl. So the girl to cook and prepare the food on the table. Feeling curious, then the grandmother ventured to rebuke the pretty princess. "Who are you beautiful princess, and where you come from?", Asked the grandmother. "I am the princess of Daha who became bewitched by the witch golden snail messengers because they feel jealous of my brother to me", said the golden snail. After answering questions from grandmothers, Candra Kirana changed again into the Golden Conch, and grandmother very surprised.

While Inu Kertapati prince would not say anything when he knew kirana moon disappeared. And he find a way disguised as ordinary people. Grandma sihirpun finally know and transformed himself into a raven to harm Raden Inu Kertapati. Raden Inu Kertapati Surprised to see a talking crow and identify its purpose. He considered it magic raven and obeyed when Raden Inu given the wrong direction. Diperjalanan Raden Inu met a grandfather who was starving, my grandfather gave it to eat. Apparently my grandfather was the magic of good He has helped Raden Inu from the crow's.

Grandfather was a crow hit with his stick, and the bird up in smoke. Raden Inu finally told where Candra Kirana is located, he sent it away kedesa dadapan raden. After walking for days and came kedesa Dadapan he approached he saw a hut to ask for a sip of water because his supply was exhausted. In the hut he was very surprised, because from his window he saw Candra Kirana was cooking. Finally the magic of the witch is gone because of that encounter. Finally, Raden Inu grandmother brought her fiance along with a good heart to the palace, and Candra Kirana told the king acts Dewi Galuh Kertamarta.

Sire apologize to Candra Kirana and vice versa. Goddess Galuh then got a punishment. Because the Goddess Galuh feel afraid, so he fled to the woods. Finally, marriage Candra kirana and Raden Inu Kertapati was underway, and the party very festive. Eventually they lived happily.

                                                                                    Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, there lived a family in the coastal area of Sumatra. The family has a child named Malin Kundang. Due to very poor condition of their families, the father malin decided to go into the country side.

Malin and his mother's big hope, one day his father came home with a lot of money that can later be to buy daily necessities. After months and months turned out malin father did not come, and eventually hopes pupuslah Malin Kundang and his mother.

After Malin Kundang growing up, he thought to make a living in the country side in the hope of later when I returned to my hometown, she was already a wealthy man. Malin Kundang finally come sailing along with a merchant ship captain in his hometown that has been successful.

During their stay on the ship, Malin Kundang much to learn about seamanship on the crew that have been experienced. Malin studied hard about shipping to his friends who are more experienced, and finally he was very adept in terms of shipping.

Many have visited the island, until one day in the middle of the trip, suddenly climbed Malin Kundang ship attacked by pirates. All merchandise traders who were on the ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang very lucky he was not killed by the pirates, because when it happened, Malin immediately hid in a small space enclosed by the timber.

Malin Kundang adrift amid the sea, until finally the ship was stranded on a beach. With the remaining power available, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the beach. Arriving in the village, Malin Kundang helped by people in the village after previously telling what happened to him. Malin is marooned villages where the village is very fertile. With tenacity and perseverance in work, Malin gradually managed to become a wealthy man. It has a lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people. Having become rich, Malin Kundang marry a girl to be his wife.

After a long marriage, Malin and his wife set sail with a large and beautiful ship with the crew as well as a lot of bodyguards. Malin Kundang mother who stayed with his son every day, seeing a very beautiful ship, entered the harbor. He saw two people standing on the deck. He believes that it is her son was standing along with his wife Malin Kundang.

Malin Kundang came down from the ship. He was greeted by his mother. Once close enough, she saw twelve people injured dilengan right, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. "Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending any news?", She said, hugging Malin Kundang. But Kundang immediate release of her mother's arms and pushed it down. "Women do not know myself, as my mother's only air admitted," says Malin Kundang to her mother. Malin Kundang pretended not to recognize her mother, because of shame with her mother who is old and dressed in rags. "She's your mother?", Tanya wife Malin Kundang. "No, he was just a beggar who pretended to be claimed as my mother to get my property," Malin said to his wife. Hearing statements and arbitrarily treated by his son, the mother of Malin Kundang very angry. He had not expected her to be rebellious child. Because of mounting anger, Malin's mother tipped his hand saying "Oh God, if he my son, I sumpahi he became a rock". Not long after the wind roared loud and violent storm destroyed the ship came Malin Kundang. After that Malin Kundang body slowly becomes stiff and gradually eventually shaped into a rock.

                                                                ORIGINS OF LAKE TOBA

In the region of Sumatra, there lived a farmer who is very diligent work. He lived alone alone. Every day he worked on the lading and fishing with not grown weary. This is done to meet everyday needs.

One day the farmer went to the river near where he lived, he intended to fish for lauknya today. With only armed with a hook, bait and a fish, he headed straight to the river. After arriving at the river, the farmer immediately threw the hook. While waiting for edible fish hook, the farmers prayed, "O Allah, I hope I can fish a lot today". Some time after the prayer, which he tossed the hook was visible wobbling. He immediately pulled hook. Farmers are very happy, because he gets very large fish and beautiful.

After a few moments staring at the fish catch, the farmer was very surprised. It turns out the fish they catch that could speak. "Please sir I do not eat! Let me live ", shouted the fish. Without much Tanya, the fish catch was immediately returned into the water again. After returning the fish into the water, farmers grew surprised, because the fish suddenly turned into a very beautiful woman.

"Do not worry sir, I'm not going to hurt you", said the fish. "Who are you? Are not you a fish?, Asked the farmer. "I was a princess who was cursed, because it violates the rules of the kingdom", replied the woman. "Thank you once you have freed me from the curse, and in return I'm willing to make you wife," she said. Farmers agrees that too. They then become husband and wife. However, there is one promise that has been agreed, that they should not be told that the origin of the daughter of a fish. If the promise is broken there will be a tremendous disaster.

After a while they were married, farmer and his wife eventually happiness increases, because the farmer's wife gave birth to a baby boy. Their son grew into a very handsome boy and powerful, but there is a habit that makes everyone wonder. Children are always hungry, and never feel full. All food rations dilahapnya without rest.

Until one day the farmer's son from his mother got a job to deliver food and drinks into the fields where his father was working. But the task is not fulfilled. All food should be eaten up to his father, and after that he slept in a hut. Pak awaiting the arrival of her farm, while holding down thirst and hunger. Unable to bear hunger, so he went straight home. On the way home, pack farmer saw his son was sleeping in the hut. Farmers are immediately awakened. "Hey, wake up!, Shouted the farmer.

After his son woke up, he had the right to ask food. "Where's the food for my father?", Asked the farmer. "There's no eat", replied the boy. With the high tone was immediately scolded her son farmer. "Children do not know diuntung! Not know myself! Basic fry!," Spat the farmer unwittingly spoke the word abstinence from his wife.

 After the farmers say these words, instantly lost his wife and children disappeared without a trace and trail. Of the former stamping his feet, suddenly menyemburlah very swift water. Water overflow is very high and wide so as to form a lake. And eventually form a lake. The lake was eventually known as the Lake Toba.


           Jenggala kingdom led by a king named Raden Putra. He was accompanied by a consort of good heart and a concubine who has the nature of envy and jealousy. King's son and his wife were both living in a very magnificent palaces and peaceful. Until one day the king's concubines plotting something bad on the king's consort. This is done because the concubine of Raden Putra want to become empress.
            Concubine of a king and then conspiring with the royal physician to implement the plan. Concubine king pretended to severe pain. The royal physician and immediately called the King. After examining the concubine, the physician said that someone had put poison in the drink princess. "That man is none other than King himself empress," said the physician. Majesty was angry to hear an explanation of the royal physician. He immediately ordered the duke to throw into the woods and kill her consort.
             The duke immediately bring the empress who was carrying it into the middle of the jungle. But the duke was not wise to kill the empress. Apparently the governor had known concubine king malicious intent. "Mr. daughter not to worry, I will report to the king that the princess was killed servant," said the duke. To deceive the king, the duke of rabbit blood stain his sword with the arrest. The king was satisfied when the duke to report that he had killed the empress.
           After several months in the jungle, the empress gave birth to a son. The child was given the name Cindelaras. Cindelaras grow into a child who is smart and handsome. Since childhood he had been friends with the forest-dwelling animals. One day, while being engrossed in play, an eagle dropped a chicken egg. Cindelaras then take the eggs and intends menetaskannya. After 3 weeks, the eggs hatch into a chick who is very funny. Cindelaras chicken with diligent care of the child. The more days that chicks grow up to be a rooster is stout and strong. But there is a strange one from the chicken. Cock crowing sound is different from the other chickens. "... My lord Cindelaras Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra rooster crow ...", it
            Cindelaras was amazed to hear chickens crowing and immediately showed it to his mother. Then, the mother tells the origin Cindelaras why they are in the woods. Hearing the story of his mother, Cindelaras determined to go to court and expose the evil concubine of the king. After her mother were allowed, Cindelaras went to the palace accompanied by a rooster. While on the way there are some people who are risking chicken. Cindelaras then summoned by the penyabung chicken. "Come on, if you dare, chicken adulah jantanmu with my chicken," she challenged. "Well," replied Cindelaras. When pitted, it turns out Cindelaras roosters fight with mighty and in a short time, he can beat his opponent. After a few times pitted, chicken Cindelaras not invincible.
         News about greatness Cindelaras chicken spread quickly until he came to the Palace. Raden Putra finally heard the news. Then, Raden Putra to invite Cindelaras hulubalangnya sent to the palace. "Servant of facing your majesty," said Cindelaras politely. "The boy is handsome and intelligent, it seems he was not a descendant of the common people," thought the king. Cindelaras pitted with chicken chicken Raden Putra with one condition, if the chicken Cindelaras lose then he was willing to head chopped off, but if the chicken is half-won wealth belongs Cindelaras Raden Putra.
            Two chickens were fighting bravely. But in a short time, chicken chicken Cindelaras conquered the King. The audience cheered and cheered Cindelaras chicken. "Okay I admit defeat. I'll keep my promise. But who are you, young man?" Asked the king Raden Putra. Cindelaras immediately bowed like a whispered something in his chicken. Not how long the chicken immediately rang. "... My lord Cindelaras Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra ...," the rooster's crowing repeatedly. Raden Putra Cindelaras shocked to hear chickens crowing. "Is it true?" Asked the astonished king. "Yes sire, name Cindelaras servant, servant of the empress mother Majesty."
                Simultaneously, the duke immediately facing and tell all the events that actually happened to the empress. "I've made a mistake," said the king Raden Putra. "I will give appropriate punishment to the mistress," continued the king in a rage. Then, the concubine of Raden Putra else in the exhaust into the woods. Raden Putra immediately embraced her and apologized for his mistakes After that, Raden Putra and district chief consort to the forest to pick up soon .. Finally Raden Putra, empress and Cindelaras be reunited. After Raden Putra died, Cindelaras the place of his father. He ruled his country justly and wisely.


                                                                     sikancil and snails        


On one day the deer appear sleepy. His eyes seemed heavy to open. "Aaa .... rrrrgh", the occasional deer seem to evaporate. Since it was quite bright, the deer feel the loss if the waste it. She started walking the forest track to dispel sleepiness. Up on top of a hill, the Kancil shouted arrogantly, "O inhabitants of forests, I am the most intelligent animals, clever and smart in this forest. Nothing can match the intelligence and my intelligence ".

As he puffed out his chest, the Kancil was off and running down the hill. When it reached the river, he met with a snail. "Hi deer!", Greeted the snail. "Why are you shouting? Whether you're happy? ", Asked the snail. "No, I just wanted to inform on all forest-dwelling animal that I am the most intelligent, astute and clever", arrogantly replied the deer.

Snail "Arrogant once you hare, I'm the smartest animals in the forest", said the Snail. "Poisson ......., where possible" joked Kancil. "To prove it, what if tomorrow morning we race?", Challenged the Snail. "Okay, I accept your challenge", said the Kancil. Eventually they both agreed to hold a race tomorrow morning.

After the Kancil went, the snail soon gather his friends. He asked for help to his friends lined up and hide in the race track, and respond if the deer call.

Finally the awaited day has arrived, deer and slugs were ready to race. "Are you ready for the race run with me", asked the deer. "Of course I have, and I would win," said the snail. Then the deer slug invited to run in advance and called to make sure it is up to where the snail.

The mouse deer casually walking, and felt confident that he will win. After a few steps, the deer tried to call the snail. "Snail .... Where you been up to?", Cried the deer. "I'm in front of you!", Cried the snail. Mouse deer amazed, and immediately sped up. Then he called the snail again, and the snail replied with the same word. "I was there front of you!"

Finally, the deer ran, but he is calling each of the snails, he always comes up and says if he had been before deer. Sweat streaming down, her legs felt weak and panting breath.

Mouse Deer ran on, until finally he saw the finish line. The face of deer are very excited, because when he called slugs, have no answers anymore. Mouse Deer felt that he was the winner of that race.

To her surprise, the deer, because he saw the snails have been sitting on a rock near the finish line. "Hi deer, why are you so long? I've come from that! ", Cried the snail. With bowed heads, the deer over to the slug and admit defeat. "So do not be arrogant, you are cunning and clever, but you are not the most intelligent and ingenious," said the snail. "Yeah, I'm sorry snails, I would not be arrogant again", said the deer.

Banyuwangi is a name of a district in the province of east Java, Indonesia. It is located in the earternmost part of the island of Java, next to Bali. Bali strait is between Banyuwangi and the island of Bali. The culture of Banyuwangi is unique because it is a blend of Javanese, Balinese and Madurese influence. Here is a well known legend about Banyuwangi.
          Long time ago Banyuwangi was called Blambangan. It was a kingdom under a wise king who had a handsome and smart son. Raden Banterang was his name. He liked hunting very much. He often went to forest around Blambangan to hunt for animals. One day when he was in a forest he saw a deer. He chased it and the deer ran deeper into the forest. His horse was so good and strong that he left his guards behind. Unfortunately he lost the deer. As he took a rest under a big banyan tree suddenly a lovely lady appeared in front of him. Raden Banterang was very surprised to see a beautiful girl alone in the forest. He was suspicious that she was not a human being. So he asked her.
 'Excuse me lovely lady, do you live around here?'
 'No, I don't. I'm from Klungkung, Bali. My name is Surati. I'm a princess, the daughter of the king of Klungkung. I need your help'
 'I will gladly help you, but please tell me what your problem is'
 'I'm in danger. There was a rebellion in Klungkung. The rebel killed my father but I could escape. My guards took me here but I lose them. Now I'm alone. I don't know where to go. I have no relative here. Please help me'
 'You are coming to the right person. I'm prince Banterang from the kingdom of Blambangan. I will protect you. Please come with me.'
 Then Raden Banterang took Surati home. He fell in love with her and then several months later he married her. One day when Surati was in the street he met a man. The man called him.
 'Surati, Surati'
 She was surprised to realize that the man was her brother Rupaksa. Rupaksa told her that it was Raden Banterang who killed their father. He came to Blambangan to take revenge and asked surati to join him. Surati was shocked but she refused to join.
 'I'm really shocked to hear the news. But I'm not sure. Raden Banterang is now my husband. He's very kind to me. He never hurts me. He's protecting me. As a good wife I will never betray him. It is my duty to serve him.'
 'But he killed our father'.
 'It is hard for me to believe it. When I met him he was here, not in Klungkung'
 Rupaksa was disappointed with her sister. He was also very angry to her.
 'OK then. I have to go now. But please keep my head dress. Put it under your pillow'
Rupaksa gave his head dress to his sister Surati. To respect her older brother Surati put it under her pillow. Several days later Raden Banterang was hunting in a forest when he met a man that looked like a priest. The man greeted him politely. Then he said something.
 'Your life is in danger. Someone has an evil intention to you'
 'Who is he?'
 "Your wife Surati'
 "Surati? How do you know?'
 'I am a priest. I have clear spiritual vision. I just want to save you. Search her room. If you find a head dress under her pillow then my words are correct. It is from a man who will help her kill you'
 'Thank you your Holiness'
 Raden Banterang was shocked. He was very angry to his wife then he immediately went home. When he got to the palace he immediately searched Surati's bed room. As he found the head dress under her pillow he was sure that the priest was right.
 'You are unfaithful wife. I know that you want me dead. This is the evidence. This is from a man who will help you kill me. Tell me who he is'
Surati was shocked and cried.
 'It is my brother's head dress. I met him several days ago when you went hunting. He gave me his head dress and told me to put it under my pillow. So I put it there to respect him. It is him who want to kill you, not me'
But Raden Banterang did not trust her. He gave her a death sentence. He took his wife to a river bank as he would stab his wife and throw her body into the river.
 'Before I die, let me say a few words'
 'Please do'
 'After I die, just throw my body into the river. If the water become dirty and smelly, it means that I am guilty. But if the water become clear and fragrance come out of it, it means that I am innocence'.
 Then as Raden Banterang would stab her wife with a kris Surati threw herself into the river. Amazingly the water became clear and fragrance came out of it. Surati was innocent! Raden Banterang regretted his emotional behavior. Since then on he changed the name of his kingdom into Banyuwangi. Banyu means water and Wangi menas fragrance.

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